Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of booking?

In the current market of live performance there is a diverse array of bands, singers and performers, all with their own style and genre. Within this very lucrative market is a niche which is known as “tribute bands”. The marketing demographic of music lovers from the 70’s is large. Well known as “Baby Boomers”, the profitability of providing shows geared to this audience is in great demand.

What is unique about this show?

For the most part, tribute shows have been dominated by male acts such as Journey, Kansas, Santana, Rolling Stones and Foreigner. The 1970’s was a culturally phenomenal time in music history, one where the diversity of female musicians soared. Along with great bands and memorable music which became the fabric of our lives, there were no female vocalists more iconic than Linda Ronstadt. The Blue Bayou Band brings back songs from the catalogue which launched Linda Ronstadt into music history.

Who is behind this music production?

Mary Newland has the vocal ability and performance presence to showcase the songs from the 70’s as performed by Linda Ronstadt. Together, Mary and her partner and musical director, Richard Baker, have assembled a top-flight band of musicians who all share a respect for the timeless music of the 70’s. As a band, it is a pleasure to revisit the highlights of this music era with like-minded audiences and to bring a new experience to those who may not have known these great songs.

What can audiences expect?

The audience size most suited for this musical production range from 250 and up. The show is a high-quality concert-style production. Highlights include:
That’ll Be The Day
When Will I Be Loved
Tracks of My Tears
Long Long Time
Lo Siento Mi Vida ( Spanish in 4 part harmony)

Where does this band travel to for performances?

Located in Southern Ontario, the Blue Bayou Band will perform in towns and cities across Canada and The United States, and potentially in Europe as well. Visibility increases with each performance and as a result, this expands our marketability.

What are the bands requirements?

The band is made up of 8 musicians and will require the following technical and electrical setup.
A detailed stage plot and technical equipment information package is provided as a downloadable file.
Stage Plot & Technical Information is provided HERE 

Who to contact about booking?

To inquire about booking the Blue Bayou Band for your theatre or event please contact Frank Moauro at 519-990-2732, or John Newland at 519-796-6178. Forward questions through our website contact form.

Interested In Sponsorship Opportunities?

We welcome the opportunity to talk with interested parties about corporate sponsorship. You have the opportunity to associate your company with this very memorable show. As a sponsor, your corporate logo will be presented on any and all promotional materials, such as TV or radio spots, website promotions, online banner ads, newspaper ads, posters, billboards, and tickets.

This pertains to all bookings which would see us performing in towns and cities outside of our immediate area including Quebec, Ontario and into the US with Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin being early target states. Our visibility increases with each performance thereby increasing your marketing outreach.

We hope you will join us in bringing our musical vision to stages to celebrate the songs of the 70’s.

Why Book the Blue Bayou Band?

Appeals to a large demographic

Tribute bands appeal to the lucrative niche market known as the baby boomers.

Showcases the music of Linda Ronstadt

A 1970’s female music icon.

High quality musical production

Suitable for audience sizes of 250 + up.

Canada and United States

Southern Ontario-based.

Direct Booking

Contact Frank Moauro at 519-990-2732 or forward questions through our contact page.

Corporate Sponsorships Welcome

Let’s work together.