Audience Testimonials

“Your performance was just stellar! Sure hope to catch another show somewhere soon.”

Bill Mason

“Mary is a complete pro with great mic technique on top of master level breath control. People who make their living as studio musicians are unmatched in consistency. This is not a band doing covers, this is band reproducing originals in 3D live at a top grade level.”

Frank Moauro

“I have been to many concerts and seen great singers and some of the best musicians on earth. Only a few times has a singer made my eyes well up. Mary’s rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow with the pre-verse is one of those times. Thanks for that and the rest of the concert.”

Rob Thiebert

“Opening night at The Bank Theatre with¬†Mary Newland¬†and the Blue Bayou Band. They rocked the joint and the capacity crowd absolutely loved it. Three standing “O’s” and a constant expression of how much they loved the concert throughout the night.

John Moran

“I really enjoyed the show, what a lovely and powerful voice! The set was superb, the musicians looked like they were having a grand time, John P Moran did a great job on sound and lots of The Bank Theatre and Meeting Place worker bees were buzzing about making us even happier with wine.”

Susan Wheeler